Antonio Negri | Reflections on the seventh round of the Gilets Jaunes

By Antonio Negri

Published in Italian with English translation at EuroNomade on January 5, 2019

New Year’s Eve on the Avenue des Champs Elysées. A journalist from Le Monde tells us: there are so many people here, including some Gilet Jaune. An excited child sees them and cries: “Daddy, look, there are some Gilets Jaunes!” “Don’t get too close,” says the father. “First look to see if they are good Gilets Jaunes or bad Gilets Jaunes.”

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  1. “The French movement is more widely based, and is more deep-rooted and politically articulated. The slogan “Macron resign!” [“Macron démission”] suggests a discourse occurring on a terrain on which the recomposition of the working class at the social level has become fully developed. Here labour is valorised across the entire social field. Precarity is not a partial sociological category but the hegemonic quality of today’s labour power; here cognitive labour has become part and parcel of labour processes and has requalified them. Unlike what happened in the other movements after 2011, what we have been seeing here with the Gilets Jaunesis the completeness of these processes, of this recomposition.”
    This is indeed very interesting.
    We heard that Toni Negri came to Paris and delivered a talk on the Giles Jaunes on Feb-4 ( Can we have any transcript of that lecture or some sort of reporting on / synopsis of that lecture?

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