Alyssa Battistoni

Alyssa Battistoni is a political theorist working and teaching on topics related to political economy, environmental and climate politics, feminism, and the history of political thought. She is currently an Environmental Fellow at Harvard University, and will begin a position as Assistant Professor of Political Science at Barnard College in Fall 2021. Her work has been published in Political TheoryContemporary Political Theory, Perspectives on Politics, the NationDissentn+1Boston Review, and Jacobin, and she sits on the editorial boards of Dissent and Jacobin. Alyssa is the co-author of A Planet to Win: Why We Need a Green New Deal, with Kate Aronoff, Daniel Aldana Cohen, and Thea Riofrancos (Verso 2019), and is currently working on a book titled Free Gifts: Capitalism and the Politics of Nature.