The Virtual 13/13 | How to Access and Participate in Abolition 13/13 From Afar

The Abolition 13/13 seminars can be accessed virtually and you can fully participate in the series from a distance. Here are some ways to be part of the seminar even if you are not physically at Columbia University in New York City.

1/ LIVE WEBCAST: All of the seminars are live webcasted and also recorded for later viewing. The live webcasts will be streaming live on (1) the CCCCT YouTube Channel and (2) on the individual seminar page for that session. So, for instance, for Abolition 1/13, the live webcast can be watched at the Abolition 1/13 page and on our YouTube Channel. After the seminar is over, the video recording will stay on both of those sites.

2/ VIRTUAL QUESTIONS: During the seminars, we will also be monitoring a few sites in the event you would like to pose a question or make a comment. You can send questions to us in any of the following manners:

  • E-mail us a question using the following e-mail address:
  • Tweet us a question by including the hashtag #Abolition1313 and including the CCCCT’s handle (@ColumbiaCCCT)

3/ At other times, our Abolition 13/13 blog will also be accepting and moderating comments regarding the posts, videos, and bibliography. Please do not hesitate to join in the conversation.

If you have other questions, please contact Fonda Shen at



  1. Dear colleagues: I have already registered for the next two sessions and I am really interested about the whole series. Do keep me posted if I miss anything. I will be following the debates from the UK, London time. The themes addressed by the distinguished speakers cannot be more pertinent. Thank you and with best wishes, Fernando.

  2. I’m glad to discover that Critique 13/13 is on again and for live stream virtual access. I have followed the past seminars with great interest for some years me now, and I hope to be following the Abolition 13/13 seminars live from Stoke-on-Trent in the UK. I have missed the first two sessions but I can easily catch up given your archive of readings and videos and join in for 3/13. I’m sending off for Professor Harcourt’s new book and I look forward to reading it. Many thanks to Fonda Shen and I look forward to my first seminar of this series.

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