Abolition 1/13 | READINGS

Primary Readings McLeod, Allegra. “Envisioning Abolition Democracy.” Harvard Law Review 132, no. 6 (2019): 1613-1649. Available at https://harvardlawreview.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/1613-1649_Online.pdf. The website of the The Digital Abolitionist here: https://www.thedigitalabolitionist.com/ The Digital Abolitionist’s Library here: https://www.thedigitalabolitionist.com/resources   Additional Materials Harris, Angela. “Compassion and… Continue Reading

Abolition 13/13 | BIBLIOGRAPHY

Abolition Collective. “Our Evolving Mission and Goals.” Abolition Collective, https://www.collectiveforaboliton.org/our-mission. Achiume, E. Tendayi. “Migration as Decolonization.” 71 Stanford Law Review 1509 (2019). Adorno, Theodor W. “Late Capitalism or Industrial Society?” In V. Meja, D. Misgeld and N. Stehr, eds, Modern… Continue Reading

The Virtual 13/13 | How to Access and Participate in Abolition 13/13 From Afar

The Abolition 13/13 seminars can be accessed virtually and you can fully participate in the series from a distance. Here are some ways to be part of the seminar even if you are not physically at Columbia University in New… Continue Reading