Disobedience | READINGS

Primary Readings Martin Luther King, Jr., “Letter from Birmingham Jail,” June 2, 1963, available here: https://web.cn.edu/kwheeler/documents/Letter_Birmingham_Jail.pdf. Frédéric Gros, Désobéir (Paris: Albin Michel-Flammarion, 2017) Bernard E. Harcourt, “Political Disobedience”, in W.J.T. Mitchell, Bernard E. Harcourt, and Michael Taussig, Three Inquiries in Disobedience (Chicago: University… Continue Reading

The Virtual 13/13 | How to Access and Participate in Uprising 13/13 From Afar

The Uprising 13/13 seminars can be accessed virtually and you can fully participate in the series from a distance. Here are some ways to be part of the seminar even if you are not physically at Columbia University in New… Continue Reading