About Xnet and Simona Levi

By way of background, here are some useful links to learn more about Xnet and Simona Levi: Information about Xnet: https://xnet-x.net/en/ Information about Simona Levi: https://xnet-x.net/en/simona-levi/ Information about Xnet’s main action re. bankers: https://www.thenation.com/article/simona-levi/ Information about Xnet’s newest actions: https://casocastor.net/castor-case-citizen-lawsuit/

The Virtual 13/13 | How to Access and Participate in Uprising 13/13 From Afar

The Uprising 13/13 seminars can be accessed virtually and you can fully participate in the series from a distance. Here are some ways to be part of the seminar even if you are not physically at Columbia University in New… Continue Reading