Uprising 13/13 is co-sponsored by the Columbia Center for Contemporary Critical Thought and the Society of Fellows in the Humanities at Columbia University. The series will be run in conjunction with a reading group at the Columbia Global Center-Paris, which will host one of the Uprising 13/13 seminars in Paris (on January 9, 2018).

The webcasts and videos are produced by Total Webcasting and they have been made possible, in part, by a generous grant from Total Webcast. We are extremely grateful to Robert Feldman and Joe Feldman.

This exceptional website was designed and produced by Alex Gil and Luis Bello. Design for the website banner is by Miguel Ripoll.

Special thanks to Anna Krauthamer, executive coordinator of the CCCCT, without whom this series would not function. Anna Krauthamer and Daniele Lorenzini at the Columbia Center for Contemporary Critical Thought have worked tirelessly to realize this series. Eileen Gillooly at the Heyman Center, Loren Wolfe at the Columbia Global Center-Paris, Sarah Monks at ICLS, Shanny Peer at the Maison Française, and Charleyne Biondi at the CCCCT have also made this series possible through their hard work, support, encouragement, and generosity. The series also has the support of the Institute for Comparative Literature and Society and the Maison Française.

With deep gratitude to everyone,

Bernard E. Harcourt, Director, CCCCT