Tymber Hudson

Tymber Hudson (they/she) is a storyteller, strategist, and multidisciplinary artist based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Tymber is deeply committed to centering, uplifting, and empowering Black LGBTQ+ communities to abolish systems that perpetuate trauma and oppression. Through all of their work, Tymber puts the community at the center of the design of policy and practice that impacts their daily lives.

They currently work at the Hugh Lane Wellness Foundation where they lead the creation and implementation of strategic planning across programs to maximize growth and increase the support available for LGBTQIA2S communities across Western Pennsylvania including young and families within the child welfare system. Prior to this role, Tymber served as the LGBTQ+ policy associate at the Biden Foundation where they designed and managed a database with more than 500 digital story submissions for “As you Are”: A national storytelling and public education campaign discussing family acceptance and the harms of family rejection.  They also provided technical assistance and research support to other national youth-serving organizations working to implement LGBTQ+ inclusion and equity into their programs, policies, and practices.

Tymber continues to use their personal experience and knowledge to educate and ignite change for all young people. They have a multimedia blog titled They Slay! which centers on their life as a Black nonbinary person and discusses their thoughts and feelings around social justice, foster care, mental health, and powerful experiences that continue to connect them with communities around the world. Visit their website to learn more about upcoming work and opportunities to collaborate. tymberhudson.com




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  1. I am Absolutely POSITIVELY sure that this forum is going to enjoy listening from this guest speaker. This is a bright, open-minded young individual with the heart and goal to make EVERYONE feel as though they should in today’s society.

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