Abolition Collective | Building a Community

By The Abolition Collective

This summer we created a non-hierarchical collective to interrogate and educate ourselves about the current abolitionist movement. Although we started in April, we now have 250 members from across the nation. Our collective is composed of five committees: Book Club, Creative Works, Original Writing, Political Organizing, and Coalition Building. Through our Book Club program, we meet virtually to discuss and analyze abolitionist texts. The Creative works committee meets to publish creative works from currently and formerly incarcerated individuals on our site: collectiveforaboliton.org. We also have a podcast to amplify diverse perspectives about the abolition movement. The Original Works committee publishes creative and academic writing that concern topics on criminal justice, prison abolition, abolitionist theory, and praxis, etc. The Political Organizing and Coalition Building committees work to partner with grassroots organizations and lobby elected officials to push abolitionist goals.

Here is our website: https://www.collectiveforaboliton.org/our-mission.

Bernard Harcourt