Abolition 13/13 is co-sponsored by the Columbia Center for Contemporary Critical Thought and the Society of Fellows in the Humanities at Columbia University.

This website was designed and produced by Alex Gil and Luis Bello.

Special thanks to Fonda Shen, executive coordinator of the CCCCT, for organizing and managing this series. Fonda is truly amazing!

Addis Paul Goldman has designed all the banners, posters, and visuals for this series, and brilliantly curated the imagery for this seminar series. 

Eileen Gillooly at The Society of Fellows and Heyman Center for the Humanities, Sarah Monks at ICLS, Shanny Peer at the Maison Française, and many others have made this series possible through their support, encouragement, and generosity.

The series also has the support of the Institute for Comparative Literature and Society and the Maison Française.

With deep gratitude to everyone,

Bernard E. Harcourt, Founding Director, CCCCT