Zethu Matebeni

 Zethu Matebeni is the convenor of the Queer in Africa series and lectures in the Sociology Department. In 2011 Zethu received a PhD at WISER, Wits University and has been furthering research interests and publishing on queer issues, sexuality, gender, race, HIV and AIDS, African film, cinema and photography. Zethu has been a Visiting Assistant Researcher at Yale University and has received numerous research fellowships. Zethu is an activist and a documentary film-maker and has curated exhibitions, including Jo’burg TRACKS: Sexuality in the City, and a book project Reclaiming Afrikan: queer perspectives on sexual and gender identities. Zethu’s first co-production Breaking Out of the Box: Stories of black lesbians, (40mins, 2011) has screened locally and internationally and has written the short film Rise.