Uprising | READINGS

Primary Readings

Perry Anderson, “On the Concatenation in the Arab World.”

Asef Bayat, Revolution Without Revolutionaries: Making Sense of the Arab Spring, Chapter 1 (Stanford University Press, 2017)

Tariq Ali, Between Past and Future. New Left Review 80, March-April 2013 (responding to Asef Bayat)

Soha Bayoumi and Sherine Hamdy, Egypt’s Popular Uprising and the Stakes of Medical NeutralityS. Cult Med Psychiatry (2016) 40: 223

Safwan M. Masri, Tunisia: An Arab Anomaly (Columbia University Press, 2017), Preface and Introduction (excerpts embedded here)

Talal Asad, “Thinking About Tradition, Religion, and Politics in Egypt Today,” Critical Inquiry 42 (Autumn 2015)

Additional Readings and Bibliography:

Tariq Ali, The Dilemmas of Lenin: Terrorism, War, Empire, Love, Revolution (Verso 2017)

Hannah Arendt’s “What Is Authority?

Lenin’s April Theses

Samera Esmeir, “The Time of Engagement: Zaman al-ishtibak.” Law, Culture, and the Humanities 10.3 (2014), 397-407.

Amr A. Shalakany, “The Day the Graffiti Died.” London Review of International Law 2.2 (2014), 357-378.