Power, Subjectivity, and Data | October 27, 2017

Power, Subjectivity, and Data

October 27, 2017 at 12:00pm

William June Warren 103

Tung-Hui Hu, University of Michigan

Colin Koopman, University of Oregon

Natasha Schüll, New York University

Bernard E. Harcourt, Columbia University

at Columbia University in New York

How are contemporary practices of surveillance, social media,
digital-ness, and data transforming the contours of subjectivity?
What modes of power and knowledge are operating on our networked
selves?  How do these powers and rationalities work on a minute
technical level to reshape our identities and our identity categories?
These questions have enormous stakes in our contemporary age of big
data and mass surveillance.  Their investigation can be a site of
productive critique today, both interrogating the conditions of
possibility of subjectivity and also reinvigorating the terms of
critical scholarship.  Following the lead of Michel Foucault’s
“history of the present” this workshop is focused on the possibilities
for critical philosophy today in the midst of emergent forms of power,
knowledge, and subjectivity.

RSVPs encouraged to Anna Krauthamer at ak4035@columbia.edu.