Critique 6/13 | READINGS

Primary Reading

Michel Foucault, Histoire de la sexualité 4. Les Aveux de la chair (Paris: Gallimard, 2018)

Bernard E. Harcourt, “Foucault’s Keystone: Confessions of the Flesh. How the Fourth and Final Volume of The History of Sexuality Completes Foucault’s Critique of Modern Western Societies” (November 30, 2019). Paper prepared for presentation at the Harvard Colloquium for Intellectual History: “Confessions of the Flesh: Michel Foucault’s Final Volume of The History of Sexuality,” at the Minda de Gunzburg Center for European Studies at Harvard University on Thursday, December 5, 2019.. Available at SSRN:

Guillaume Le Blanc, Why Read Foucault’s Confessions of the Flesh Today? (English version)

English Excerpts

Stuart Elden notes that two excerpts have been published in English, previously. These include:

  1. The Battle for Chastity,” published in Politics, Philosophy, Culture and Essential Works I
  2. Maurice Florence,” Foucault’s auto-entry, published in Dits & Écrits and in The Cambridge Companion to Foucault (1st edition only) and Essential Works II.

Book Reviews

Stuart Elden review in Theory, Culture & Society (2018)

Alexandre Gefen review in Critical Inquiry (2018)

Daniele Lorenzini, “The Emergence of Desire: Notes Toward a Political History of the Will,” Critical Inquiry 45 (Winter 2019): 448-470

Nancy Luxon review in Contemporary Political Theory (2018)

Sverre Raffnsøe review in Foucault Studies (2018)

Joseph Tanke review in Los Angeles Review of Books (2018)