Jean-Gabriel Ganascia

Jean-Gabriel Ganascia is a professor of computer science at Sorbonne University and a member of the Institut Universitaire de France and Deputy Director of the OBVIL Labex. He leads in the LIP6 laboratory (Laboratoire d’Informatique de Paris VI) the ACASA team and serves as chairman of the CNRS Ethical Committee (COMETS).

Ganascia has published more than 450 papers in conference proceedings, journals and books many of which focus on philosophical issues and the social consequences of development information technologies.

For the last few years, he has worked on the ethics and political philosophy of the information society. His last book Voir et pouvoir: qui nous surveille? stems from this work, exploring the ethical and political structure of our contemporary society. It relies on the notion of Catopticon, which extends the Bentham’s Panopticon to a generalized “sousveillance”where everybody can watch everybody.