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Ashgar Leghari, a farmer from Pakistan, sued the national government for failure to carry out the 2012 National Climate Policy and Framework. The Lahore High Court ruled on September 4 that “Climate Change is a defining challenge of our time and has led to dramatic alterations in our planet’s climate system. For Pakistan, these climatic […]

Justin Gundlach Climate Law Fellow Greenpeace Southeast Asia and the Philippine Reconstruction Movement filed a Petition with the Philippines’ Commission on Human Rights (CHR or Commission) on September 22, 2015 on behalf of 13 organizations and 20 individuals. The Petition makes several allegations and requests. At its core is a claim that 50 of the “Carbon Majors”—a list of state- […]

Earlier this week, the Sabin Center and the Center on Global Energy Policy (CGEP) co-hosted a panel discussion on Meeting China’s Climate Goals. The event was convened to discuss how China can shift its economy away from coal-fired power generation, improve energy efficiency, and increase the share of low carbon energy sources in its economy, […]

Next week is the seventh annual Climate Week NYC. A variety of events, activities, and high-profile meetings will be convened to advance action on climate change mitigation and adaptation. The Sabin Center is pleased to announce that we will be sponsoring or participating in four different events next week, all of which are open to […]

Mitigating climate change is going to require unlocking new sources of finance to fund the innovative technologies that will take us to a low-emissions future. Program related investments (PRIs), investments that support charitable activities while also offering the potential return of capital, are one vehicle that could help unlock these funds. However, a lack of […]

Today the Sabin Center is publishing Heat in US Prisons and Jails: Corrections and the Challenge of Climate Change. This groundbreaking paper, written by visiting scholar Daniel Holt, addresses two important but largely neglected questions: How will increased temperatures and heat waves caused by climate change affect prisons, jails, and their staff and inmate populations? […]

As governments turn a blind eye to the accumulating risks of climate change, do they expose themselves to potential legal liability? A new working paper by former Sabin Center fellow Jennifer Klein explores three possible legal claims against state and local governments for their failure to prepare for climate change. The paper addresses potential claims […]

Grant Glovin, Sabin Center Summer Intern Hillary Clinton’s climate change plan, released last week, centers on two goals: installing 500 million solar panels by 2021, and, relatedly, adding enough electric generation capacity from renewable sources to supply all residential electricity needs. The plan appears ambitious: the solar power expansion alone would represent a sevenfold increase […]

Anna LoPresti Sabin Center Summer Intern On July 9th 2015, the Columbia Center on Sustainable Investment (CCSI) co-sponsored a panel discussion in conjunction with the Sabin Center and the Sustainable Development Solutions Network on the topic: “A Safe Future for Fossil Fuel Investments in a Carbon-Constrained World?” The panel—featuring Earth Institute director Jeffrey Sachs and […]

New York, July 21, 2015—Columbia Law School Professor Michael B. Gerrard, director of the Sabin Center for Climate Change Law, has been named Chair of the Faculty of Columbia University’s Earth Institute. The appointment was made by Columbia University Provost John Coatsworth based on a vote of the Earth Institute’s faculty.  Gerrard, who succeeds School of […]

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