Sarah Haley

Sarah Haley’s work focuses on questions of carceral gendering and the long history of Black women’s ensnarement in U.S. prison regimes as well as their historical and ongoing opposition to carceral power.  Her research interests include gender and carceral history, Black feminist history and theory, queer studies, prison abolition, and feminist archival methods.  She is the author of No Mercy Here: Gender, Punishment, and the Making of Jim Crow Modernity, published in 2016.  Her essays and articles have appeared in edited volumes as well as in journals including Signs, The Journal of African American History, GLQ, Souls, and Women & Performance.  She is working on a book titled The Carceral Interior: A Black Feminist Study of American Punishment, 1966-2016.  She is associate professor of gender studies and history at Columbia University and has been active in abolitionist and labor movements and currently organizes with Scholars for Social Justice.