11/13 | Toni Negri: “Philosophy and political activism have always been embedded in my life”

Antonio Negri and Bernard E. Harcourt

discuss what it means to be an activist philosopher

The conversation took place at Toni Negri’s home in Paris

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“Philosophy and political activism have always been embedded in my life.”

— Toni Negri, Revolution 13/13

Toni Negri has always personified the brilliance and inspiration of the activist philosopher. Always engaged, always focused on moving forward, not dwelling on our political losses or oppression and domination—Toni Negri has been an exemplar of what it means to philosophize for social change and justice. In this conversation with Bernard E. Harcourt, Toni Negri explains what it means for him to be a philosopher and lead a political life.

“For me, a revolution isn’t made — it makes you. The revolution means to constantly live and construct moments of novelty and rupture.”

— Toni Negri, Interview with Roberto Ciccarelli (2017)


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