Revolution 6/13 | READINGS

Readings Stuart Hall, Familiar Stranger (Durham: Duke University Press, 2017). Stuart Hall, The Fateful Triangle (Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 2017). Stuart Hall, “Culture, Resistance, and Struggle,” in Cultural Studies 1983: A Theoretical History, ed. Jennifer Daryl Slack and Lawrence Grossberg (Durham: Duke University Press,… Continue Reading

Revolution 13/13 | BIBLIOGRAPHY

Angelelli, Fabio, Dave Mesing, and Elia Zaru, ed. Dossier of writings on Krahl in Viewpoint Magazine. Asia-Africa Speaks from Bandung. Djakarta: Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 1955. Baldwin, James. The Price of the Ticket. New York: St. Martin’s, 1985. Bernstein, Eduard. The Preconditions of… Continue Reading