Lydie Moudileno

prof%20moudileno_0Lydie Moudileno has a PhD in French from the University of Califormia at Berkeley. She is professor of French, Francophone studies and Comparative Literature. She is also the former Director of the Penn African Studies Center. She has been a visiting professor at UCLA, UC Berkeley, Columbia University, Université Paris 13, Queen’s University and the Johns Hopkins University.

Her research and publications focus on contemporary fiction with a connection to the (former) French colonies, including the Caribbean, Sub-Saharan Africa and hexagonal France. Her books include L’écrivain antillais au miroir de sa littérature (1997), Littératures africaines 1980-1990 (2003), Parades postcoloniales (2007) and as editor, L’Exposition postcoloniale, a collections of essays on representations of the African body ( 2006). She is the author of numerous essays on Francophone studies as a discipline and on individual authors such as, recently, Edouard Glissant, Maryse Condé, Le Clézio and Marie NDiaye.

Lydie Moudileno’s more recent publications include: Marie NDiaye’s Worlds/Mondes de Marie NDiaye. Special issue of Esprit Créateur. Co-edited with Warren Motte. Volume 53, n 2, Summer 2013; “Le colonisateur de bonne volonté: Trajectoires et apories.” Cahiers J.-M. G. Le Clézio 3-4, Migrations et métissages. Paris: Editions Complicités, 2012, pp 63-82; “The Postcolonial Provinces.” Francosphères, Volume 1, n 1, 2011, pp 53-68; “Fame, Celebrity, and the Conditions of Visibility of the Postcolonial Writer.” Francophone sub- Saharan African Literature in Global Contexts. Eds A. Mabanckou and D. Thomas, Yale French Studies, Volume 120, 2011, pp 62-74.