Nietzsche 2/13 | READINGS

Principal Readings:

md13914431242Georges Bataille, On Nietzsche, trans. Bruce Boone (Continuum International Publishing Group, 2004), which is a translation of Georges Bataille, Sur Nietzsche. Volonté de chance (1945)





Acéphale : religion, sociologie, philosophie, No. 2, eds. Georges Bataille, Pierre Klossowski and André Masson: articles by Jean Wahl and Pierre Klossowski, including:

Georges Bataille, “Propositions” in Acéphale n° 2, janvier 1937

Jean Wahl, “Nietzsche et la mort de Dieu” in Acéphale n° 2, janvier 1937


Optional Readings:

George Bataille, “Nietzsche’s Laughter” and “Nonknowledge, Laughter and Tears,” from The Unfinished System of Knowledge, translated by Michelle and Stuart Kendall.

Jean Wahl, The Philosophies of Existence

François Warin, Nietzsche et Bataille. La parodie à l’infini (PUF, 1994)

Jean Wahl, Transcendence and the Concrete: Selected Writings, trans. Alan Schrift (Fordham University Press, 2016)

Other Resources:

“Tous coupable?” Part four of recent four-series radio program on Georges Bataille on France Culture focusing on Sur Nietzsche (June 16, 2016)