Negative Emissions

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Carbon Storage in the Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill

  This week’s IPCC report is another stark reminder of the need to dramatically reduce greenhouse gas emissions to avoid climate disaster. While the U.S. has started down the path of decarbonizing its economy, there remains significant work to do, and many challenges ahead. Some sectors, including certain heavy industries […]

The Law of Enhanced Weathering for Carbon Dioxide Removal: Legal Issues Associated with Materials Sourcing

By Romany Webb Enhanced weathering is one of several proposed approaches for removing carbon dioxide from the Earth’s atmosphere. It aims to enhance natural weathering processes in which carbon dioxide in the atmosphere reacts with silicate-based rocks, eventually forming carbonate minerals (e.g., limestone). Research suggests that the natural processes can […]

The Legal Framework for Offshore Carbon Capture and Storage in Canada: New Sabin Center White Paper

In October 2019, the Sabin Center joined an international research project, assessing the feasibility of offshore carbon capture and storage. Known as Solid Carbon, the project is led by researchers at Ocean Networks Canada, a University of Victoria initiative, and supported by the Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions under its […]

Removing Carbon Dioxide Through Ocean Alkalinity Enhancement and Seaweed Cultivation: Legal Challenges and Opportunities

Achieving the Paris Agreement’s goal of limiting warming to “well below” 2oC above pre-industrial levels will require an immediate and dramatic reduction in greenhouse gas emissions which must reach “net zero” around mid-century. This will likely necessitate the use of so-called “negative emissions technologies” that can remove greenhouse gases from […]