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View of Earth taken during ISS Expedition 65, by Astronaut Shane Kimbrough.

Removing Methane from the Atmosphere: New Sabin Report on Atmospheric Methane Destruction via Oxidation Enhancement

A highly potent greenhouse gas, methane makes a significant contribution to climate change, but has historically received relatively little attention in climate mitigation discussions. That is now beginning to change. In addition to investigating new ways to control methane emissions, scientists are also researching the possibility of removing methane already […]

State “Climate Superfund” Bills: What You Need to Know

In the first months of 2024, legislators in four states—Maryland, Massachusetts, New York, and Vermont—have pushed for legislation that would collectively require large fossil fuel producers and refiners to pay for hundreds of billions of dollars of state-level climate adaptation infrastructure. E&E News reports that similar legislation may soon be […]

EPA’s Science Advisors Slam Rationale for Rolling Back Vehicle Emissions Standards

By Hillary Aidun Last month, the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Science Advisory Board (SAB) issued a draft report sharply criticizing the analysis underpinning the agency’s proposed rollback of new motor vehicle standards. The report is one more piece of evidence that the Trump administration EPA is seeking to enact environmental […]

Here’s How Science Has Suffered During the First 1,000 Days of Trump

By Lauren Kurtz and Susan Rosenthal One thousand days into the Trump administration, the federal government has attacked science 249 times—or roughly once every four days. The administration’s assault on science includes attempting to cast doubt on climate change, limiting and eliminating access to scientific information, and preventing federal scientists […]

“The Trial of the Century”: A Preview of How Climate Science Could Play Out in the Courtroom, Courtesy of Juliana v. United States

By Michael Burger and Jessica Wentz As you know, in Juliana v. United States twenty-one individual youth plaintiffs filed a lawsuit in federal district court in Oregon against the United States, the president, and various other federal officials and agencies, claiming that the “nation’s climate system” is critical to their […]