by Anne Siders On February 14, for the first time ever, climate change was added to the Government Accountability Office (GAO)’s “High Risk List.”  The GAO risk review is conducted every two years at the start of a new Congress and lists government operations deemed to be at high risk for fraud, waste, abuse, or […]

            CCCL has published a Hydraulic Fracturing Litigation Digest that summarizes litigation with underlying claims stemming from the hydraulic fracturing process and  provides an index of the cases organized by central legal issues. The Digest is structured to provide a view of litigation in each relevant State as well as a view of litigation at […]

by Shawna Ganley On February 11th EPA announced that it has awarded almost $725,000 to study wetlands development to protect shorelines in New York.  Most interesting to climate change adaptation, the funding aims to “evaluate the potential for salt marshes to move inland due to rising sea levels,” in addition to identifying which marshes and […]

On January 28, FEMA released updated flood maps for parts of Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island, New Jersey, and Westchester County.   The updated maps will help New York officials determine the best policies for re-building in the wake of Hurricane Sandy.  But the maps do not account for future effects of climate change, such as sea […]

by Shawna Ganley As New York City receives its first distribution from the recent $51 billion federal disaster aid package for Hurricane Sandy ($61 billion including flood insurance funding), the Disaster Relief Appropriations Act of 2013 contains only a few forward-looking measures to prevent future losses from projected increased storms due to climate change. To […]

On Wednesday, February 13, 2013, 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm, the Center for Climate Change Law will host a discussion with Tony deBrum, Minister in Assistance to the President of the Marshall Islands and former Foreign Minister, and Dr. Radley Horton, Center for Climate Systems Research, Columbia University, focused on the UN Climate Negotiations from […]

by Shelley Welton On February 7, the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative released a new Model Rule that memorializes several important recommendations coming out of its 2012 review process. Most significantly, the new Model Rule calls for a major readjustment to the regional emissions cap, lowering the 2014 cap by 45% (from 165 million tons to […]

by Anne Siders In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, coastal communities throughout New York have had to face the question: rebuild or retreat?  Now Governor Cuomo is proposing to make that decision a little easier.  On Sunday, he announced a $400 million plan to purchase homes that were damaged in the storm, demolish the structures, […]

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