Readings for Foucault 11/13

The Hermeneutics of the Subject is a long and rather experimental set of lectures for Foucault. The organization of the materials and the discussion are different than in other academic years. We have asked our guests, Rosi Braidotti, Rosalind Morris, and Lydia Liu, to suggest ideas they intend to focus on, or specific parts of the seminar they will read more closely.

Rosi Braidotti “will concentrate on the sections that deal with the meditation upon death and the actuality of the future as both a pedagogical an ethical frameworks. That means lectures 22 (17 March) and 23 (24 March, first and second hours).”

Lydia Liu is”going to focus on four of the lectures, including the first hour and second hour: 6 Jan; 10 Feb;  24 Feb; and 10 March.”

Rosalind Morris says: “I am going to focus on the idea of conversion and the concept of the hermeneutic, but I’m also interested in the timing of this particular intervention and its relationship to the series of ‘disavowals’ and/or ‘disappointments’ against which it may appear as a departure. For me, this means considering it primarily vis a vis the earlier writings on Kant and in relation to the specter of Lacan.” This  idea “depends on following the entire arc of the lectures”.

Welcome to Foucault 11/13!