Foucault 13/13 is sponsored by the Columbia Center for Contemporary Critical Thought and the Society of Fellows in the Humanities at Columbia University, with the support of the Maison Française, the Institute for Comparative Literature and Society, and the Department of Latin American and Iberian Cultures.

The webcasts and videos have been produced by Total Webcasting and made possible by a generous grant from the Offices of the​ Provost and ​the Executive Vice-President for Arts and Sciences at Columbia University​.

Ibai Atutxa, Raphaëlle Burns, Agnese Codebo, and Luca Provenzano worked on the organization of graduate students, our social media presence, and many other aspects of this project.

Design work for the website banner, pamphlet and the poster by Miguel Ripoll. The website was created and produced by Alex Gil, with inspiration from Ripoll’s work, and in close collaboration with Atutxa, Burns, Codebo and Provenzano.

Claire Merrill and Alice Wang at the Columbia Center for Contemporary Critical Thought, Eileen Gillooly and William Conley Lowrance ​at the Heyman Center, Shanny Peer and Joella Adia Jones at the Maison Française, Sarah Monks at the ICLS, and Eunice Rodríguez Ferguson at the Casa Hispanica have also worked tirelessly to realize this series.

The project as a whole was created, organized and spearheaded by Bernard E. Harcourt and Jesús R. Velasco.