Columbia Environmental Law Clinic Students Release Livestock and Climate Change Annotated Bibliography

Four students at Columbia Law School’s Environmental Law Clinic, Julia Christian, Andrew Kirchner, Derek Nelson and Jessica Wentz, have prepared an annotated bibliography compiling recent scholarship on the interaction between global livestock production and climate change.  The bibliography identifies resources that provide a general overview of the subject; addresses scholarship relating to the demand, consumption and production of livestock products, including quantitative projections of current and future production, as well as qualitative assessments of the conditions which cause demand growth in this sector; reviews current estimates of GHG emissions from livestock production and assessments of the methodologies used to obtain those estimates; discusses the potential impacts of climate change on the livestock system, how livestock systems may adapt to these impacts, and the implications for future production; and reviews policy recommendations from scholars and international organizations for mitigating emissions from livestock production.  The bibliography can be found here.