Geneviève Fraisse


Geneviève Fraisse is a philosopher and historian of the feminist thought. She is Directrice de recherche emerita at the CNRS. Her work deals with epistemology and politics, and namely with the genealogy of democracy, the concept of emancipation, and the philosophical problematisation of the sex/gender debate. She is the author of Muse de la Raison. Démocratie et exclusion des femmes en France (Gallimard, 1995), Les femmes et leur histoire (Gallimard, 1998), Les deux gouvernements : la famille et la Cité (Gallimard, 2001), Du consentement (Seuil, 2007), and, most recently, Les excès du genre. Concept, image, nudité (Lignes, 2014).

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