Primary Texts:

Maurice Blanchot, « Du côté de Nietzsche », in La Part du feu (Gallimard, 1949), p. 278-290; in English, The Work of Fire transl. Charlotte Mandell

Maurice Blanchot, « L’expérience-limite », in L’Entretien infini (Gallimard, 1969), p. 119-418; in English, Infinite Conversation (Univ. Minnesota Press, 1992).

Maurice Blanchot, Le Pas au-delà (Gallimard, 1973)


Secondary Texts

Étienne Balibar, “Blanchot l’insoumis,” p. 289-314, in Blanchot dans son siècle (Colloque de Cerisy) (Lyons, Snes Public, 2009)

Leslie Hill, Maurice Blanchot and Fragmentary Writing: A Change of Epoch (Continuum, 2012)

Michel Foucault, “Maurice Blanchot: The Thought from Outside,” in Foucault/Blanchot (Zone Books, 1990) (see also Maurice Blanchot, “Michel Foucault as I imagined him” in same volume).

Susan Foale, “Blanchot and Nietzsche on the Death of God,” Journal of Nietzsche Studies No. 19, Special Issue: Nietzsche and Religion (SPRING 2000), pp. 71-79

Manola Antonioli, “Nietzsche et Blanchot: Parole de fragment,” in Maurice Blanchot et la Philosophie, eds. Éric Hoppenot and Alain Milon (Presses universiaires de Paris Ouest, 2010), p. 103-110.

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