By Stephanie Chuffart, Visiting fellow On July 19, Advocate General Kokott[1] delivered an important Opinion clarifying EU Member States’ obligations in legislating with regard to biofuels, and in particular in establishing biofuels quotas.[2] According to the Opinion, biofuels quotas are only justifiable if they meet the five strict cumulative sustainability criteria laid down by the […]

State public utility commissions (PUCs) could make major progress toward achieving energy efficiency if they utilized the tools available to them, according to a study released August 14 by Columbia Law School’s Center for Climate Change Law. The report, “Public Utilities Commissions & Energy Efficiency: A Handbook of Legal & Regulatory Tools for Commissioners and Advocates,” examines […]

by Irene Shulman, Intern Climate change has the potential to affect the availability and affordability of insurance across most major insurance categories. Regulation changes, resource cost and availability, and frequency of natural disasters will impact both insurers and policyholders, and thus, are important factors to assess. The National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) adopted the […]

by Casey Graetz, Intern On August 7 the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) issued an official memorandum and order to suspend final licensing decisions on new licenses and on license renewals for nuclear power plants. This action by the NRC does not affect the agency’s review of license applications, and only holds up final decisions. The […]

By Sarah Goldmuntz, Intern The debate about zoning of natural gas drilling and hydraulic fracturing has intensified with a recent decision by a Pennsylvania appellate court that struck down crucial parts of the law known as Act 13. The law would have required that drilling, waste water pits and pipelines be allowed in all zoning […]

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This blog provides a forum for legal and policy analysis on a variety of climate-related issues. The opinions expressed here are solely those of the individual authors, and do not necessarily represent the views of the Center for Climate Change Law.

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