The Video

  Veena Das and Emmanuelle Saada discuss Foucault’s fifth lecture series at the Collège de France, Abnormal (1974-1975). Our dear colleague, Pierre Rosanvallon, was unable to join us as he returned to Paris in light of Friday’s shocking acts of violence. Please watch the video here. Please also read… Continue Reading


By Bernard E. Harcourt, Daniele Lorenzini, and Jesús R. Velasco Michel Foucault, Les Anormaux. Cours au Collège de France. 1974-1975, Valerio Marchetti and Antonella Salomoni, eds. (Paris: Gallimard/Le Seuil, 1999). Michel Foucault, Abnormal: Lectures at the Collège de France, 1974-1975, Graham Burchell trans., Arnold… Continue Reading