Discipline and Twitter | A Guide to the LST Room

By Agnese Codebò, Raphaëlle Burns, Ibai Atuxta, and Luca Provenzano

The Live Streaming and Twitter (LST) room is a dynamic, interactive space, that will be run simultaneously alongside the Foucault 13/13 seminar room. Our mission is to extend participation beyond the seminar room and create a space for our public to not only watch our guests speak, but also to formulate questions that will directly inform the seminar discussion. Questions arising in the LST room will be transmitted to our guest speakers during the seminar itself.

The LST room will be located at Columbia Law School, 435 West 116th Street, NY, in Jerome Greene Hall Room 105. There is no RSVP necessary, but availability in the LST room is limited to room capacity (approx. 65) and participants will be accepted on a rolling basis.

Questions from the LST room may be communicated via Twitter, email, or in writing. The email address for seminar participants to send their questions is foucault1313@gmail.com. Each seminar will have a unique hashtag publicized on the foucault1313 twitter account prior to each event (e.g. #LSTwilltoknow). Questions and comments emanating from the LST room with this hashtag will be brought into the discussion via our moderators. Outside input in the seminar is also welcome, but moderators will give priority to those attending the LST room.

Check out our blog at https://blogs.law.columbia.edu/foucault1313/

We look forward to your presence in the LST room.