James Faubion

FaubionJames D. Faubion is Varoslav Tsanoff Chair, Professor of Anthropology and Faculty Affiliate in the Department of Religious Studies at Rice University. He is the editor ofRethinking the Subject: An Anthology of Contemporary European Social Thought (Boulder: Westview, 1995); the second and third volumes of Essential Works of Michel Foucault (New York: The New Press, 1999 and 2000); The Ethics of Kinship: Ethnographic Inquiries (Boulder: Rowman & Littlefield, 2001); the second edition of Michel Foucault’s Death and the Labyrinth (Continuum, 2004); with George E. Marcus, of Fieldwork Is Not What It Used To Be: Learning Anthropology’s Method in a Time of Transition (Cornell, 2008); Foucault Now: Current Perspectives in Foucault Studies(Polity, 2014); and with Dominic Boyer and George Marcus, Theory is More than It Used to Be (Cornell 2015).

He is the author of Modern Greek Lessons: A Primer in Historical Constructivism (Princeton, 1993), of The Shadows and Lights of Waco: Millennialism Today(Princeton, 2001), and of An Anthropology of Ethics (Cambridge, 2011).

His current work focuses on scenario planning and in particular on its epistemological and governmentalistic departure from biopolitics.
Professor James Faubion