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Colorado’s “Clean Air-Clean Jobs Act”: Encouraging Conversion of Coal Plants to Natural Gas

By Jonathan Talamani Visiting Fellow This blog post summarizes a longer Working Paper available on the Center’s website. Colorado’s Clean Air-Clean Jobs Act (CACJA) requires utilities to create plans that reduce NOx emissions by 70% at a specified portion of their coal-fired electricity generation facilities by the end of 2017. […]

Domestic Mitigation of Black Carbon

by Hannah Chang Black carbon (“BC”), a component of soot and particulate matter, competes closely with methane as the largest anthropogenic contributor to global warming after carbon dioxide. BC emissions primarily result from four sources: burning of residential fuels such as wood and coal; open burning of land, whether natural or human-induced; diesel […]

Keeping PACE: How New York municipalities can implement a property assessed clean energy program to make use of available federal funds to reduce energy use

By Marne Sussman Recently passed legislation in New York State authorizes municipalities to create a PACE, or property assessed clean energy, program using federal grant assistance or federal credit support. In a PACE program a municipality sets up a special clean energy finance district capable of issuing low-interest bonds. Homeowners […]