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2015 New York State Energy Plan – A great first step towards being a game changer

Arijit Sen, Sabin Center Summer Intern Governor Andrew Cuomo released the final version of the much-anticipated New York State Energy Plan on June 25th, 2015. The Plan includes emission, generation, and consumption targets that would significantly advance the state’s clean energy ambitions. The Plan lays out a clear roadmap to […]

WA Court Affirms Best Available Climate Science as Basis for Emissions Reduction Goals

Daniela Lapidous Sabin Center Summer Intern One year ago, eight young climate activists (ranging from 9 to 14 years old) petitioned Washington State’s Department of Ecology (“the Department”) to adopt and implement stricter greenhouse gas emissions regulations based on the most current and best available climate science. When the Department […]

California’s Residential Electricity Rate Reform – An Analysis

Arijit Sen, Sabin Center Summer Intern Recently, two competing plans to reform California’s four-tier electricity rate structure of the three investor-owned utilities (IOUs)[1] have emerged from the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC). On April 21, 2015, CPUC administrative law judges (ALJs) McKinney and Halligan filed a proposal that suggests implementing […]

King v. Burwell: How the Supreme Court’s Affordable Care Act Decision Impacts Challenges to the EPA’s Clean Power Plan

Dane Warren Sabin Center Summer Intern & Rising 2L at Columbia Law School On Thursday, June 25, the Affordable Care Act (ACA, also known as Obamacare) withstood another Supreme Court challenge in King v. Burwell. The case focused on a question of statutory interpretation to determine whether those who purchased insurance […]