Tracking Climate Change Regulation

The Sabin Center for Climate Change Law has updated the Climate Regulation Tracker on our website. The Climate Regulation Tracker is a uniquely comprehensive resource, compiling in one place and providing links to the federal government’s climate change-related rules and regulations. Over the course of the summer, Columbia University undergrad and Sabin Center intern Anna LoPresti dug through the Federal Register and agency websites to expand the tracker’s scope and add regulations promulgated by previously uncovered natural resources agencies, including the Bureau of Land Management, the Forrest Service, and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Anna also updated existing profiles for the Environmental Protection Agency, the Council on Environmental Quality, and the President’s Executive Orders. Regulations catalogued in the tracker determine the details of United States policy on carbon emissions, renewable energy use, habitat protection, and much more.

The tracker includes the EPA’s recently proposed Clean Power Plan, which sets standards for power plants and customized goals for states to cut carbon pollution. The Sabin Center has been closely following the Clean Power Plan. Most recently, Sabin Center fellow Jessica Wentz wrote about the role demand-side energy efficiency will play in implementation of the EPA regulation. The Sabin Center will continue to update the regulation tracker as federal agencies promulgate new rules impacting the country’s response to climate change.  Any suggestions or comments on the legislation tracker should be sent to

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