Dr. Heath Examines Doyle Hamm on Sunday, February 25, 2018

Just walked out of Holman Prison with Dr. Mark Heath after a two-plus hours physical examination of Doyle Hamm. Very quickly, Thursday night’s execution was worse than anticipated. While he was strapped down arms and legs to the gurney, the IV personnel simultaneously worked on both legs at the same time, probing his flesh and inserting needles. The IV personnel almost certainly punctured Doyle’s bladder, because he was urinating blood for the next day. They may have hit his femoral artery as well, because suddenly there was a lot of blood gushing out. There were multiple puncture wounds on the ankles, calf, and right groin area, around a dozen. They were grinding a needle in his shin area for many minutes, painfully. He seems to have 6 puncture marks in his right groin, and large bruising and swelling in the groin. He has pain going from the lower abdomen to the upper thigh. He is limping badly now and terribly sore. During the execution, Doyle was lying there praying and hoping that they would succeed because of the pain, and collapsed when they took him off the gurney. The doctor working on his groin twice insisted he could continue and gain access after the execution was called off. This was clearly a botched execution that can only be accurately described as torture.