On Wednesday evening, January 31, 2018, United States District Judge Karon Bowdre, Chief Judge of the US District Court for the Northern District of Alabama, granted a stay of the execution of Doyle Hamm scheduled for February 22, 2018. Judge Bowdre ruled from the bench, at the close of lengthy witness testimony, evidence, and legal arguments, finding that there is a substantial risk of an unnecessarily painful and torturous execution if lethal intravenous injection is attempted on Doyle Hamm in light of his history of cancer and cancer treatment and the present medical condition of his veins. Finding that there is a significant likelihood of winning on the merits and that the balance of equities favored Doyle Hamm, Judge Bowdre granted a preliminary injunction and a stay of execution. The §1983 lawsuit will move swiftly now to discovery to resolve the questions in dispute. Here is the docket entry from the official record:

Minute Entry for proceedings held before Chief Judge Karon O Bowdre: Evidentiary Hearing held on 1/31/2018. Pre hearing meeting with attorneys. Defense and Plaintiff opening statements. Court addresses the parties regarding the undisputed and disputed facts as to timing issues. Defense and Plaintiff’s responses. Court denies summary judgment as stated on the record. Break for lunch. Parties reconvene in chambers for further discussions; move to judicial conference room for in camera proceedings. Court resumes; doctors’ testimony taken; court renders oral decision, as stated on the record; written order to follow as soon as possible. Exhibits discussed and admitted. Court to set phone conference as soon as possible to discuss matters as stated on the record. Def remanded to the custody of DOC. Court adj. (Court Reporter Teresa Roberson.) (FNC)

Here is the legal team leaving the Hugo L. Black Federal Courthouse in Birmingham, Alabama, at the end of the day-long evidentiary hearing: