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A two-part tweet posted by CLS on October 19, 2020 including an excerpt from a conversation with David Westin and Prof. Johnson regarding overlapping eviction moratoriums on the Bloomberg News show, Balance of Power. The second tweet is a quote from Prof. Johnson’s testimony on August 21, 2020 before the New York State Senate hearing on the reopening of New York courts during the pandemic.
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How does the pandemic affect how low-income individuals are represented in court, especially amid eviction proceedings?
Prof. Conrad Johnson, director of the Lawyering in the Digital Age Clinic, speaks with @DavidWestin about these challenges and more (47:53 mark). https://bloom.bg/35j9gXT
Tweet 2
Retweet of our Sept. 15 tweet;
Last month, Professor Conrad Johnson testified before a @NYSenate committee, calling for a moratorium on evictions and for fair and equitable virtual proceedings.
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