Columbia Outlaws


OutLaws is Columbia Law School’s LGBTQA student organization. Our primary goal to create a safe space for LGBTQA students to develop professionally, socially, and academically. We are friendly and inclusive and welcome the participation of all students.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or simply to express your interest! Email us at outlaws@law.columbia.edu. 

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You can also access a Google calendar of our events.

Board Members for 2015-16

Jonathan Newmark, President 

Cat Cohen, Vice President

Dre Harris, Treasurer

Denzell Faison, Secretary

Kathy Barrett & Abby Cooper, Academic Chairs

Brandon Short, Admissions Chair

Kent Hiebel, Alumni Liaison & Historian

Bram Schumer, Community Outreach Chair

Brian Giunta, Policy Chair

Michael Marvin, Private Sector Professional Development Chair

Justin Sedor, Public Interest Professional Development Chair

Hyunsup Kim & Joanna Caytas, Social Chairs

David Weiss, Webmaster

Gena Miller, 3L Representative

Marc MacLennan, LLM Representative

Patrick Lorio, 1L Representative, Social Chair

Jordan Weatherwax, 1L Representative, Social Chair

Alexandra Farmer, 1L Representative, Policy Chair

Carolina Rivas, 1L Representative, Policy Chair