SCL’s First Spring Break Caravan: Record Clearance Project with San Jose State University

SCL is very excited to announce its first ever Spring Break Caravan trip: Record Clearance Project with San Jose State University

Contact: Cecily517@gmail.comApplication Deadline: February 3

Application can be found at: SCL Spring Break Caravan Application

The Record Clearance Projects assists eligible people in clearing their criminal records.  After being trained on expungement law, students would assist clients in completing petitions for dismissals of all eligible criminal convictions in court.

Preliminary schedule: Each student will receive two clients’ files and prepare clients’ petitions (on average clients have four convictions, needing four different but related petitions) and submit to attorney for review. Students will have the opportunity to personally work with clients (face-to-face), and there is a scheduled trip to the courthouse to attend hearings on record clearance cases. There will be lunchtime events featuring guests speakers, and law students will also have an opportunity to interact with San Jose undergraduate students to discuss life in law school. See attached for in-depth program schedule.

No language requirement necessary. 

Housing: we are currently working with San Jose State University to secure discounted hotel rooms.

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