“Are We in the Midst of a Sixth Mass Extinction?

May 6, 2012 · Filed Under Articles · Comment 

“Nearly 20,000 species of animals and plants around the globe are considered high risks for extinction in the wild. That’s according to the most authoritative compilation of living things at risk — the so-called Red List maintained by the International Union for Conservation of Nature.

This should keep us awake at night. . . .”

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“Judge Says Snake River Dams Should Go”

April 27, 2012 · Filed Under Articles · Comment 

” A federal judge who spent a decade presiding over one of the most contentious environmental court fights in the Northwest — the fate of endangered salmon in the Columbia River Basin and four hydroelectric dams that interrupt their migration — has said in a recorded interview that the dams should be removed to help the fish. . . .”

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“Ohio judge accepts Scotts Miracle-Gro guilty plea, defers decision on $4.5M payment of fine”

March 20, 2012 · Filed Under Articles · Comment 

“. . .The government alleges that beginning in 2005, Scotts produced a line of wild bird products under names including ‘Morning Song’ and ‘Country Pride’ that contained an insecticide to prevent insects from eating the product during storage.

The government says the insecticide, which is highly toxic to fish, birds and other wildlife, wasn’t approved for use for bird food.

The company continued to use the insecticide even after two Scotts employees warned the company about the potential threat to birds, according to the government. . . .”

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“For Many Species, Moving Day Has Added Stress”

December 21, 2011 · Filed Under Articles · Comment 

“Every fall the calliope hummingbird, which weighs about as much as a penny, braves high winds and bad weather to migrate from Canada and the northern United States to as far south as Mexico, then back again in the spring — a total of 4,000 to 5,000 miles.

The journey is one of several dozen “spectacular migrations” — in the air and on land — that are chronicled in a new report by the Wildlife Conservation Society. But the report warns that these migrations are in peril. . . .”

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“Condor Recovery Program Beset by Bullets”

December 7, 2011 · Filed Under Articles · Comment 

“A recovery program aimed at restoring the California condor to much of its historic range across the Southwest has been hampered by dozens of deaths linked to lead from the remnants of hunters’ bullets, wildlife officials say. . . .”

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