“First U.S. Animal Abuser Registry Makes Convicts Public”

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“Monday, Suffolk County activates the first animal abuser registry in the United States, which will make public the identities of convicted animal abusers. The internet registry will display their names, addresses and photographs.

The law requires pet stores, breeders and animal shelters to check the registry and not sell or adopt animals to anyone on it, according to the Animal Law Coalition. Abusers will stay on the registry for five years each, and will face jail time or fines if they do not sign up for and renew their registrations throughout that period. . . .”

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“Robin Lohre Awarded $65,000 After Posh Maids Leaves Dead Dog Under Dining Room Table”

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“After a 3-hour cleaning job went awry in August 2011, Posh Maids faced a lawsuit attempting to hold the company responsible for the death of a client’s dog. Now nearly ten months later, attorneys with The Animal Law Center have announced a $65,000 ruling for the woman.

‘The ruling sets a damages precedent that animals are worth more than their replacement value,’ said Jennifer Edwards, attorney and founder of The Animal Law Center in an emailed statement. ‘When we lose a pet, we do suffer emotional distress and heartache, just as we would with any other member of our families.’  . . .”

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EVENT ALERT! Trust and Estate Planning for Companion Animals

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Trust & Estate Planning for Companion Animals

Wednesday, February 8th 12:10-1:00

JG 602

SALDF will host a talk with Frances Carlisle, Esq.  She will be discussing methods of and trends in estate planning for continuing care of companion animals.  Ms. Carlisle has been practicing as a trusts and estates attorney in New York City for over 20 years. She is a member of the Animal Law Committees of the New York City Bar Association and the American Bar Association. 
Non-pizza lunch will be served!

Find out more about our guest speaker HERE

“Fukushima pets in no-go zone face harsh winter”

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“Dogs and cats that were abandoned in the Fukushima exclusion zone after last year’s nuclear crisis have had to survive high radiation and a lack of food, and they are now struggling with the region’s freezing winter weather. . . .”

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Have a Happy, Responsible Holiday!

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If you are considering getting or giving a pet this holiday season, skip the Internet and retail stores in favor of animal shelters or breed-specific rescue groups.   

“NBC news recently investigated complaints about an online retailer that promised healthy pups from responsible local breeders. Instead, it delivered sick dogs housed in unhealthy conditions at a large-scale commercial breeding company, also known as a puppy mill.  ‘If you buy from a source you haven’t done research on, the risk of health ailments and behavioral problems do not go down; if anything, they go up,’ says Cori Menkin, senior director of the ASPCA’s Puppy Mills Campaign, which urges people to avoid any bricks-and-mortar or online retailer that sell puppies. ‘About 99 percent of puppies sold in pet stores come from puppy mills. If you are in the market, make adoption an option and visit a shelter or go directly to a breeder.'”  (source:  Preparing to put a puppy under the tree)

Unfortunately, many people cannot continue caring for their pets in this economic downturn.  For example, “[m]any Wisconsin animal shelters are at or near capacity, reflecting a national trend as more pet owners are forced to give away their dogs and cats because they can’t afford to keep them.”  (source:  Wisconsin animal shelters filling up due to lagging economy).  Recently, “[t]he Humane Society of North Texas took custody of 142 small breed dogs, three pygmy goats, three rabbits, two cats and more than a dozen chickens from what authorities called a sub-standard puppy mill in Aubrey.”  (source:  Humane Society Short on Space after Seizure of More Than 150 Animals).  So check your local shelter – many will be having adoption specials in order to deal with over-capacity.

As you celebrate the end of the year and consider bringing a new loved one into your family, choose adoption and give a very special gift to a very deserving animal.  Happy Holidays!

“Prosecutors to review Los Angeles animal cruelty case”

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“Brenda Barnette told The Times earlier this week that she had not considered a criminal referral for Manuel Boado, 64. He allegedly failed to sedate dogs before euthanizing them, placed them near other dead animals and inserted the euthanizing needle into their jugular veins during euthanasia, which is considered more painful than other locations. A city commission upheld his firing Dec. 8. . . .

‘Several concerned and caring citizens have come forward asking to have [Boado] prosecuted for animal cruelty,’ she wrote. ‘The department can request an investigation, which we will do.’ . . .”

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For previous coverage, see “L.A. fires animal shelter worker over his euthanasia practices


“Nevada air cargo worker loses job after reporting animal abuse”

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“. . . I wouldn’t have traded that job for anything.  I wouldn’t have risked it for anything.  But I just couldn’t turn my back on that dog … My supervisor said it wasn’t my concern, but animal abuse is everyone’s concern who sees it.”

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This article mentions Nevada’s newly-enacted “Cooney’s Law,” which makes severe animal abuse a felony but also makes the incident reports from such cases confidential.  Officials are now reconsidering this law’s secrecy clause.  Read more HERE

“Cuddly puppies help law students de-stress before exams”

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“Following up a successful ‘puppy day’ from last spring, GMU law school enlisted volunteer animal rescue organization A Forever Home to bring 15 puppies that needed attention to its campus as a stress reducer for law students leading up to final exams.”

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“More Military Dogs Show Signs of Combat Stress”

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“. . . If anyone needed evidence of the frontline role played by dogs in war these days, here is the latest: the four-legged, wet-nosed troops used to sniff out mines, track down enemy fighters and clear buildings are struggling with the mental strains of combat nearly as much as their human counterparts.

By some estimates, more than 5 percent of the approximately 650 military dogs deployed by American combat forces are coming down with canine PTSD. Of those, about half are likely to be retired from service, Dr. Burghardt said. . . .”

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“Lab Beagles Released In Spain, 40 Dogs See Sunlight For First Time”

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“. . . According to the Beagle Freedom Project’s website, beagles are the breed of choice for lab testing of pharmaceutical, household, and cosmetic products due to their ‘friendly, docile, trusting, forgiving, people-pleasing personalities,’ their ability to adapt to life in a cage and the fact that they are relatively inexpensive to feed. . . .”

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For more, visit the Animal Rescue Media Education (ARME) Beagle Freedom Project website HERE and watch a video of their rescue of nine lab beagles in June HERE

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