Nicholas D. Kristof: “Is an Egg for Breakfast Worth This?”

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“. . . In some cases, 11 hens were jammed into a cage about 2 feet by 2 feet. The Humane Society says that that is even more cramped than the egg industry’s own voluntary standards — which have been widely criticized as inadequate.

An automatic feeding cart that runs between the cages sometimes decapitates hens as they’re eating, the investigator said. Corpses are pulled out if they’re easy to see, but sometimes remain for weeks in the cages, piling up until they have rotted into the wiring, he added.

Other hens have their heads stuck in the wire and are usually left to die, the investigator said. . . .”

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The Humane Society urges you to take action to support the Egg Producers Inspection Act Amendments of 2012.  More info can be found HERE

“Nobody Minds Dyeing the Egg, but the Chicken Is Another Story”

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“. . . About half the states and a scattering of municipalities have laws against the practice, but in Florida last month, the Legislature passed a bill to overturn a 45-year-old ban on dyeing animals. By all accounts, the deed was done at the request of a dog groomer who wanted to enter contests where people elaborately sculpture and color their pets.

The outcry from animal rights groups has been swift. . . .”

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“Ohio judge accepts Scotts Miracle-Gro guilty plea, defers decision on $4.5M payment of fine”

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“. . .The government alleges that beginning in 2005, Scotts produced a line of wild bird products under names including ‘Morning Song’ and ‘Country Pride’ that contained an insecticide to prevent insects from eating the product during storage.

The government says the insecticide, which is highly toxic to fish, birds and other wildlife, wasn’t approved for use for bird food.

The company continued to use the insecticide even after two Scotts employees warned the company about the potential threat to birds, according to the government. . . .”

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“Butterball Workers Arrested on Animal Cruelty Charges”

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“Six workers at a Butterball turkey farm in North Carolina face criminal charges after an undercover video revealed alleged animal abuse, and a state employee who tipped off Butterball before a police raid on the farm has pled guilty to obstruction of justice. . . .”

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“For Many Species, Moving Day Has Added Stress”

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“Every fall the calliope hummingbird, which weighs about as much as a penny, braves high winds and bad weather to migrate from Canada and the northern United States to as far south as Mexico, then back again in the spring — a total of 4,000 to 5,000 miles.

The journey is one of several dozen “spectacular migrations” — in the air and on land — that are chronicled in a new report by the Wildlife Conservation Society. But the report warns that these migrations are in peril. . . .”

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“Law Extends Its Reach in Bid to Halt Cockfighting”

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“. . . In May, Texas legislators passed a bill designed to help police officers in pursuit of illegal cockfighting. Forcing the birds to fight in the ring was already illegal; now, it is also against the law to breed the fighting cocks or show up to watch a fight. . . .”

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“‘Gay’ Penguin Pair Adopt a Baby Chick in China”

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“. . . Adam and Steve had a history of stealing eggs from more-traditional couples during hatching season. So when keepers noticed a mother of recently hatched twins struggling with her parenting duties, they decided to give Adam and Steve the baby they were looking for. . . .”

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“Condor Recovery Program Beset by Bullets”

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“A recovery program aimed at restoring the California condor to much of its historic range across the Southwest has been hampered by dozens of deaths linked to lead from the remnants of hunters’ bullets, wildlife officials say. . . .”

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“Study: Ravens communicate better than most of animal kingdom”

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“Wild ravens in the Austrian alps have been observed using their beaks and body language to direct another raven’s attention to a specific object, marking the first time such complex gesturing has been documented in an animal outside of humans and their primate cousins. . . .”

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“A Military Camp Works to Be a Good Neighbor”

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“. . . Concerns about preserving habitat for the endangered golden-cheeked warbler, which has increasingly sought refuge on the installation’s land as San Antonio’s suburbs swell, have stymied expansion.  But a series of deals with the Nature Conservancy, the latest of which was announced this month, is allowing the camp to clear thousands of acres of cedar (though oak trees are spared) inside its boundaries in exchange for permanent preservation of warbler-friendly ranchland outside the installation. . . .”

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