VIDEO: “Religious Exemptions 101: It Ain’t About the Cake”

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On Tuesday, December 5th, Professor Katherine Franke, Faculty Director of the Public Rights/Private Conscience Project at Columbia Law School, and Kira Shepherd, Director of the Public Rights/Private Conscience Project’s Racial Justice Program led a webinar with our project partners at Soulforce titled, “Religious Exemptions 101: It Ain’t About the Cake.

The webinar was presented on the day when oral arguments began in the Supreme Court case of Masterpiece Cakeshop v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission.  In a recent article, Professor Katherine Franke and Johnathan Smith note that “the case as raises the important question of whether businesses can rely on religious justifications in order to avoid compliance with state’s non-discrimination laws.”

Soulforce’s primary goal in hosting the webinar was to create an open “discussion on how the abuse of religious exemption laws by Christian Supremacy culture target all marginalized people – especially People of Color, LGBTQI people, Women, and religious minorities – and will impact all of our civil rights” and to brainstorm ways in which participants could “work [to] untangle the logic of Christian Supremacy – the logic that absolves those who abuse these exemptions of the moral consequences that come with their weaponized religions.”

A video of the webinar is available via Soulforce Media’s channel on Youtube at the link embedded below.  If you have trouble accessing the video at the link below, please paste the following URL into your browser bar to navigate to the video directly: