Email and network account information for 2013 Graduates

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Hello Graduates and Congratulations.

As you move from being a student to being an alumnus, your relationship with our technology services changes, too.

Here’s some information about email and network accounts you may find helpful.

Law School Account

Law School (LawNet) network accounts remain accessible through July 31. Any personal files you wish to take with you must be copied to a USB thumb drive or emailed to another account by that date. Assuming you have printing credits available, you can also print until July 31 with your account.

University Account

Per CUIT guidelines, graduating students’ UNI accounts expire approximately 10 months after graduation.  Your UNI will go through several status changes before finally expiring. It starts out as an active UNI, and over the 10 months after you leave Columbia, it goes through a grace period, then is set to expire, and finally expires. Understanding this process will help you plan for a smooth transition.  Continue Reading…

Law.Columbia.Edu Email Addresses

Your Columbia Law School full-name email address ( will expire on July 31.

Lifelong Email and Other Email Options

Recent graduates who began using LionMail while at Columbia will be able to continue using their LionMail email account. There is no waiting period after graduation. New graduates will automatically be able to use their LionMail account. For LionMail questions, review the LionMail FAQs or visit the Help and How-To Page. Learn more about your lifelong email and forwarding options.

Link to UNI and Password Frequently Asked Questions.

Access To Online Registrar Services (LawNet)

The LawNet website can be accessed through July 31. After that date, if you need your grades, please visit Student Services Online (SSOL) to check grades, request transcripts, and access other services. You may also want to save a copy of your internal LawNet grades. You can print a hard copy of your grades by visiting LawNet on or before July 31.

Access To Computer Labs And Email Kiosks

The Law School computer labs and email kiosks are accessible to graduating students through July 31 with a valid Law School network account.

Registered Laptop On Wired And Wireless Networks

Laptops registered to connect to the wired and wireless networks in the Law School will automatically be unregistered on July 31. If you configured the G and H drive and printers on your laptop, you can simply remove them after that date. Connections to Columbia University’s wireless network (CUIT) will remain active after July 31.



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