Press Release about Moot Court Competition

Please see the press release just sent out by Columbia Law School about the National NALSA Moot Court Competition that Columbia Law School’s chapter of NALSA is hosting this month.  Columbia NALSA is still looking for judges, so please volunteer if you are available.

More information about the Competition and how to volunteer to be an oral argument judge can be found on the Competition website.

Give Legal Help on Reservations during Spring Break Caravan

Sign up for the Spring Break Caravan to a few different reservations in Wisconsin.  Participants will be helping with wills and trusts most days and will have the opportunity to do some criminal defense on one of the days.  You will also get the chance to stay with and have dinners with the tribes you work with.

Before you go you’ll get a crash course in Indian law, probate law, and wills and trusts.

Check your emails for the applications from SJI.

Recruitment Weekend Educates Undergrads about Law School

Columbia NALSA hosted another successful Native Students Recruitment Weekend on November 11 & 12. Attendees had enjoyed a variety of events: a panel with the Admissions Office, a campus tour, the opportunity to observe law school classes, an hour-long session with Federal Indian Law and NALSA Advisor Prof. Endreson, a casual dinner with the NALSA moot court team, and group bowling at Harlem Lanes as part of a law school Student Senate event. Attendees came from throughout the region, reprenting Columbia College, Dartmouth, Harvard, Mount Holyoke, NYU, Smith, and Yale.

Thanks to all who helped make this event a success, especially the Admissions Office!

Steve McSloy Lectures on History of Federal Indian Law

Steve McSloy, Co-Chair of Hughes Hubbard & Reed’s Native American Practice Group, presented a lecture on campus Wednesday night. The lecture, which Mr. McSloy gives every year to kick off the school year, traces the history of Federal Indian Law. It develops the major eras and themes in a concise yet thorough narrative form that enabled the lecture attendees to get a taste of this exciting area of law.

NALSA wishes to thank Steve McSloy and Hughes Hubbard for once again making this event a success!

Support the National NALSA Moot Court Competition

Columbia will be hosting the next National NALSA Moot Court Competition on our campus February 25-26, 2011!

To hold a successful event, we need your support! The event is one of three National NALSA events each year and is a fantastic gathering of the Native legal community. The event consists of two days of oral argument rounds, banquets, and networking for all competitors, judges, coaches, and guests that come in from around the country to participate.

Here are ways you can help:

  • sign up to compete
  • volunteer to be a written brief judge
  • volunteer to be an oral argument judge (CLE credit available)
  • provide contacts, etc. for Native performers, artists, etc. to help enrich the competition experience
  • donations
  • More information is forthcoming as competition approaches, but if you would like more information about the competition and how to support it, please email

    Heather Sibbison of Patton Boggs discusses Carcieri

    Heather Sibbison, a Partner at Patton Boggs in DC and Chair of the Native American Affairs practice group, gave a fascinating lunchtime discussion today to a packed room.  She gave an overview of the background Federal Indian Law topics leading up to the Indian Reorganization Act of 1934, and discussed how the Supreme Court case of Carcieri v Salazer, No. 07-526 (2009), changed the application of the IRA.  Ms. Sibbison also discussed her career path, the value of government service, her pro bono work, and answered students’ questions.

    Columbia NALSA wishes to thank Heather Sibbison for such a great event!

    Columbia to host NNALSA Moot Court 2011

    It’s official! Our bid package was accepted and Columbia Law School will be the host site for the 2011 NNALSA Moot Court Competition.

    Columbia NALSA is thrilled to be able to share our campus and welcome other NALSA chapters to New York City next February. Planning is all ready underway and we hope to see all of you there.

    Please check the NALSA Moot Court 2011 Page on this site for updates.

    FEDBAR Wrap-up

    Last weekend Columbia NALSA sent two representative to FEDBAR in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  Kyle and Shawn learned a lot and had a great time socializing with other chapters.

    Columbia NALSA would like to welcome the new NNALSA board:


    Lonnie Wright, University of South Dakota

    Vice President

    Caleb Dogeagle, University of Arizona


    Mercedes Garcia, University of Arizona


    Sherri Michell, University of Arizona

    ABA Rep

    Phil Brodeen University of Minnesota

    Public Relations Director

    Nick Hamze, University of South Dakota

    Area 1

    Shalanee Joyner, Arizona State University

    Area 2

    Onawa Lacy University of New Mexico

    Area 3

    Jacob LaBuff, University of Arizona

    Area 4

    Lenny Fineday, Marquette

    Area 5

    Trevor Tullius, University of Virginia

    Area 6

    Shawn Watts, Columbia (Congrats, Shawn!)

    Area 7

    Marjorie James, Harvard

    Area 8

    Stephanie Gassert, William Mitchell College of Law

    Congratulations everyone! The official list can be found here.

    We’d also like to Congratulate the winner’s of the writing competition, especially Columbia’s own Jessica Bell who placed second, and the recipients of the Fed Bar awards. Great job!

    Columbia's Native American Law Student Association