NALSA Alaska Pro Bono Spring Break Caravan!

This year NALSA members Agatha Erickson 2L, Sarah Jackson 2L, Alyssa Braver 2L, Maryam Najam 2L, and Zoe Staum 3L  participated in the Alaska Legal Services Corporation (ALSC) Pro Bono Caravan caravan in Anchorage, Alaska. They worked with the Alaska Native law team on wills clinics at the Alaska Native hospital, the SCF Elders Center and at the Seward Elders center, family law clinic, and ICWA research for ALSC clients.
In their off time, they were able to take in the sites around Anchorage and Seward visiting the Matanuska glacier, skiing and hiking in Anchorage, and visiting with the Justices and their clerks at the Alaska Supreme Court.