Columbia’s National NALSA Election Results!!

Columbia had amazing results at the National NALSA annual meeting held today and yesterday at the Federal Bar Association Indian Law Conference. Here’s what they’re coming back with:
•Shawn Watts, National NALSA President
•Caitlin Smith, National NALSA Treasurer
•Jenny Patten, National NALSA ABA Rep
•Precious Benally, National NALSA PR Director
•Frank Holleman, Area 5 Rep
(all of our candidates won their respective races! here are the full results of the election)

•Shawn Watts, 2L of the Year
•Precious Benally, 1L of the Year

•Matt Birkhold, First Prize in the Writing Competition
•Jackie Bonneau, Third Prize in the Writing Competition

•our many moot court successes are of course a part of this
•we’re also excited that University of Hawaii is hosting next year’s moot court competition

Looks like next year will be an amazing year for NNALSA and Columbia!

Congrats to all! The Columbia community is proud of you!