WestlawNext Training Review in 10 min

WestlawNext rocks with natural language searches (the so-called west searches)!

e.g. to find Robin Thicke’s complaint against the Funkadelic, all you need to type Thicke copyright funkadelic in the West Research Bar or

  • choose “all federal” and “all state” jurisdiction
  • type “robin thicke sued funkadelic”
  • click “search”
  • limit view to “trial court documents”

WestlawNext has all statutes and all reported case law and you can locate them in multiple ways

  1. find primary sources from
  • secondary sources
  • find the case about my sweet lord having been copied from another song
    • (go to CCH Copyright Law Reporter, search for “elements of infringement case law my sweet lord”)
  1. find primary sources by
  • citation (212 F3d 477 or 17 U.S.C. § 101),
  • title or party names (ABKCO MUSIC, INC. V. HARRISONGS MUSIC), and
  • topic (e.g., use a codified version of federal orstatestatutes and then its index forstatutes; and theWestKeyNumber System for Cases)
    • find the USC section on contributory infringement (go to the USCA index and type infringement)

WestlawNext has Keycite for all available statutes and cases!

The KeyCite report indicating whether a statute or case is still good law accompanies all statutes and cases

YES for WestlawNext – it is an amazing database with the best legal search engine to date

NO for WestlawNext

  1.  its search engine is still a work in progress and
  2. you still need to have a plan and a strategy before you start typing words in the search box!

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